About the dunedinmusic.com network

dunedinmusic.com was established in 2005 to showcase Dunedin's amazing musical talent and promote the city's dynamic music scene. For a city of just 120,000 we punch well above our weight - Dunedin is often the focus of national and international interest when it comes to NZ music.

Since our inception we have collated the city's artists and venues into a formidable database, listed thousands of gigs, staged and supported several successful large music events and released several compilations of locally made music, showcasing Dunedin's top acts to the rest of the country and the world. By connecting artists with venues and the public we aim to create a viable, well-used social and industry network.

In 2009, dunedinmusic.com expanded its operation, acquiring WebStage, a service that provides easy-to-operate, hassle-free websites for musicians. You don't have to be a Dunedinite to get in on Webstage - if you're interested, contact us at the email address listed below.

We are very aware we have only begun to scratch the surface of the unique phenomenon that is Dunedin music and we welcome any and all contributions to the website.

Dunedinmusic.com is for and about Dunedin musical artists: past, present, and future. We invite you to help us make dunedinmusic.com a more interesting place to visit by sharing your knowledge and experiences, and above all, enjoy!


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