Sunley - Apologies

"There's something mournful about Sunley's music. Even when it jumps up on a table and kicks your drink over, you're mesmerised by the odd gravity of it. Curdling beneath the harmonies is a sadness that won't take itself too seriously, a passive aggressive humour that makes its deceptively simple folk-country rhythms hard to classify. Sure, they're love songs, but there's nothing trite there. Listening to Song of Envelopes is like watching a bar fight between newlyweds - the song slips between confession and hootenanny with barely a breath. Upswelling are offers of ass-kickings and hearts slapped by ice cubes, as if the only thing that could ever really protect pleasure, is an equal quantity of pain. They're weird, compelling, contradictory songs penned by Evan Sunley James, a musician long-schooled in the Dunedin tradition of dark, gently forceful music."

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Sunley - Apologies
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