Freddy Fudd Pucker - Freddy Fudd Pucker

"Mr Fudd Pucker strums and rumbles through 15 songs on his debut solo album with cool-headed profanity. Artfully, heartily, Dunedin songwriter Tom Young has recorded an unconventional album using a name of strange connotations and a tequila cocktail. There's an intimacy to the songs, with inhalations and utterances as he settles at the start of each. They are ultra-alt-country, with punkish tendencies. Comparisons can be made to Tom Waits, Bob Log III, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave-style story telling and piano backing to songs like Romeo Is A Rapist and Sniffin' Panties - which tells you something of FFP's lyrical content and use of profanities. The man has toured his songs of drinking, deviance, and true, twisted love around the South Island, and is set to test the rest of us. His voice is resonant and steady - drawn but not drawled - over the brisk rhythm of guitar and tom toms. His songs are full with the one-man-band staples of harmonica, handclaps and whistled accompaniment."

- review from NZ Musician Magazine

1. call out the search party
2. fredy fudd pucker
3. the man 'cums
4. I love SLAYER
5. smells like teen binge drinking
6. lets go get drunk in woodhaugh
7. the drought
8. summer bay blues
9. sniffin panties
10. romeo is a rapist
11. the key
12. kelly VS freddy
13. I've got a gun
14. friends in high places
15. the leaky boat

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Freddy Fudd Pucker 
Freddy Fudd Pucker - Freddy Fudd Pucker
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