Onanon - Hang On, I'm Still Mutating

We got together, starved for decent rock/noise/pop/Dunedin music, in 2000, jammed a whole heap, and eventually put out a 7 song EP ('Quarterpack') in 2001. ---
We couldn't stop writing songs and playing and jamming, and soon had enough new tracks for an album, 'Hang On, I'm Still Mutating', which we released in 2004. We changed drummers in this time - losing Al and gaining Ants - and 'Mutating' has tracks from sessions we recorded with both band versions.

1. Your Days are Numbered
2. Tapeworm
3. We Suck
4. Uri Geller
5. Chimera
6. Hit & Run
7. Bluebottle
8. Days Of Our Lives
9. COld Fish
10. Becos Of This
11. Land Of The Lost
12. OK
13. Spirit Level

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Onanon - Hang On, I'm Still Mutating
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