dunedinmusic.compilation 4 (digital edition)

Our second compilation for 2007 sees a wide variety of styles brought together by dunedinmusic.com to showcase the diversity and maturity of our local music scene. This compilation coincides with 2007's inaugural Heritage Festival. Around 700 of the CD were given away at "Resound" - a showcase night of Dunedin's top music.

dunedinmusic.compilation 4 includes a broad range of musical styles but focuses on quality song writing and production and aims to capture a moment in Dunedin's musical history that we believe reflects our growing talent base and diversity as a city. Although rock and the many sub-genres of rock are still alive and kicking in our chilly wee town, Dunedin's local and student populations have acquired a taste for many styles including Funk, Jazz, Country, Blues and Drum'n'Bass. We made dunedinmusic.compilation 4 with that in mind.

Some of the tracks on this compilation (as well as dunedinmusic.compilation 3) were recorded during a recording bee hosted and executed by members of dunedinmusic.com. This was hugely beneficial for the artists, especially those who had not recorded before. It also meant that the songs we captured were used exclusively for dunedinmusic.compilation 3 and 4. We hand picked the best new acts in town, recorded their best work before snap freezing and put in airtight packaging. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

1. Vanadis // Neva Gonna Stop
2. The Retrophonic Funk Machine // RFM
3. Cambio // subject2change no. 2
4. Hannah Curwood // Beautiful
5. The Juju Crew // In Sea
6. Simon Kerr & the Acoustic Junkies // Centre of Your Heart
7. Irie Eyes // Azlan
8. The Alpha State // It's OK to Cry
9. Onanon // Squeejee Board
10. John Egenes // Looking For a Ride
11. Robert Milne // My Thoughts Will Drown
12. Delgirl // Little Sparrow
13. A. J. Sharma // Captain Jack
14. Sean Pierce // Dark Angel
15. Operation Rolling Thunder // The World's Greatest Lie
16. For the Quail // Salt

This is the digital edition of dunedinmusic.compilation 4 and comes with audio files in .m4a and .flac format.

Price: $10.00

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dunedinmusic.compilation 4 (digital edition)
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