dunedinmusic.compilation 3 (digital edition)

dunedinmusic.com's third release showcases another selection of Dunedin's best artists at their finest. While some of the artists on this compilation have established themselves in Dunedin's music scene over the last five years or so, many are new comers who've made a name for themselves only recently by playing killer shows and recording fresh and original songs.

This CD is a snapshot of the best new music in Dunedin right now. Heavy guitars have a strong presence but come in a variety of styles including ska, punk, emo, metal and good ol' fashioned rock, while the second half delves into electronica, jazz and acoustic styles, proving that Dunedin has a music scene as diverse as it is vibrant.

To fully enjoy dunedinmusic.compilation 3, an open mind and high volume is recommended.

Release date: 27 Feb. 2007.

Skaface Claw // [The Tooth Fairie Stole My DNA]
Kill the Fake Patient // [The Sound and Fury (live on Radio One 91FM Dunedin)]
Maiden China // [Phantom Power Man]
Taking the Fall // [Of Love and Lies]
The Gideons // [Outpost]
The Tweeks // [Something You Should Know]
For the Quail // [In Flagrante]
Onanon // [Pink Frosting]
Zan Batman Circus // [ILY, MTB]
RAD // [Anger Brings People Together (My Love)]
Alan Ibell // [Baby Blue Jumpsuit]
Sam and Toki (of Irie Eyes) // [Darker Days (Acoustic)]
The 'Bones // [Fovea Phobia]
Vanadis & Trei // [Movin' On]
The Best Acronym // [Shuff Shuff]

This is the digital edition of dunedinmusic.compilation 3 and comes with audio files in .m4a and .flac formats.

Price: $10.00

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dunedinmusic.compilation 3 (digital edition)
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