dunedinmusic.compilation 2 (digital edition)

This is the digital edition of dunedinmusic.compilation 2 and comes with audio files in .m4a and .flac format. This compilation is no longer in print, and is not available in a physical format.


Onanon // LetÂ’s Go
Vibrasics // Mattberry Jam
Sunley // Over the Moon
Delgirl // Ride (live)
The Retrophonic Funk Machine // Bwah
Mike McLeod // Get Through This
Scurvy Dogs // Insane
The Chills // Background Noise (live)
Gestalt Switch // Eunice & I
Zan Batman Circus // Heart With No Luck
The Taliband // Clear
Christpuncher // My First Name is Stephen
Jah Sun // Negative Image
Vanadis // Cheap Thrills
Alpharhythm // Sentient Beings

Price: $10.00

dunedinmusic.compilation 2 (digital edition)
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