Delgirl - Porchlight

Delgirl acknowledging the generous support of Creative New Zealand and Emerson's Brewery are over the moon to announce the release of their sophomore album, PORCHLIGHT.

Following on from their Tui Award winning "Two, Maybe, Three Days Ride", Delgirl headed down to the Catlins in South Otago to record their second album. Working through the depths of winter, the band recorded 15 new songs over two weeks in June this year.

Delgirl dug deep on this one. The album speaks with a dark Southern vernacular with songs that explore the human condition. The band touch on topics such as freedom, murder, love, suffering, childhood, karma, death, happiness and livestock. The theme of PORCHLIGHT conveys the feeling of home, a welcoming place to rest after travelling through the Wintry Southern night. The songs are astutely arranged and performed to summon the Delgirl experience of "Porchlight" intimacy.

Musically the album encompasses a wide range of styles from funky bluegrass, country skiffle, blues, laments, spaghetti western theme music, kiwi folk, gospel and gothic hymnals. Layed over the top of this are the three voices, each as distinct as their songwriting, but able to blend and harmonise in a uniquely fluid Delgirl way.

So let the magic that is Delgirl guide you to the Porchlight, take the opportunity to be lulled by gentle Southern time and sensibility and you'll feel all the better for it.

Price: $25.00

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Delgirl - Porchlight
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