John Egenes - Crucifixion

Longtime sideman and multi-instrumentalist with artists such as Eliza Gilkyson, Bill & Bonnie Hearne, Jaime Michaels, Tom Adler, Jono Manson, Gary P. Nunn, The Buckarettes, Stefano Barotti, and a long list of others... Doing some solo work now while continuing his work with kiwi musicians such as Anji Sami, Hannah Curwood, and The Tomahawks. Now living in Dunedin, New Zealand, where he recently completed his masters in music, and is teaching at the university there. He has just finished up his latest CD, "Fretbuzz", to be released in early 2007. Read more at:

1. West Texas Highway
2. Lonesome Town
3. Crucifixion
4. Better Luck Next Time
5. Julia's Song
6. The Engineer
7. Muley Brown
8. The Bridge
9. Crack in the World
10. The Hacker
11. Morning
12. Sittin' on a Wet Log

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John Egenes 
John Egenes - Crucifixion
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