Operation Rolling Thunder - III

The debut album from Operation Rolling Thunder is a study in glorious dynamics.
An instrumental two piece band featuring Invercargill-raised and Dunedin-resident brothers Rob and Adam Falconer, this album is the result of a three day recording session with Dale Cotton (High Dependency Unit) in 2007.
Taking their cue from High Dependency Unit's expansive intrumentals, and adding a keen sense of urgency and pants-grabbing dynamic range, Operation Rolling Thunder sit comfortably alongside Sora Shima, Mogwai, Jakob and Kerretta in sonic experimentalism.

Side A
1- A Matter of Space
2- 3114
3- World's Greatest Lie
4- Glass Door

Side B
5- Astraphobia
6- Behaviour in the Presence of Strangers
7- The Light is On
8- Set: Fall

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Operation Rolling Thunder 
Operation Rolling Thunder - III
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