Onanon - Sneepy

Onanon, Dunedin's brighest pop noiseniks with a head full of glorious hooks and poisonous barbs.

Starting in 2002 Onanon have kept well clear of any wide exposure and plied their trade of weirdness and joy to as much of Dunedin that can be pulled from their slumber, as well as a few excursions further afield.

Onanon used to comprise of Donald on guitar, Karen on bass, Glan on guitar and Al on drums. At this time they were into loose structures and weird noises with particular highlights of their sets being Dissolve (with it's catchy guitar line and speeding up structure) and Monster (always mistakenly called Charles Manson by the fans because that's what Glen would scream during it's more climactic moments). The Quarterpack EP was released under this lineup.

Al moved to Australia and an extensive search for the perfect drummer revealed Ants. Ants brough the stomp to the band and the immediate results were a tightening of the songs and an increase in accessability. Immediate highlights of the new lineup were songs like Dead Green and Uri Gellar. Eight songs were recorded at the RNZ studios with Tom Bell and these were compiled with earlier recordings featuring Al for their debut album, Hang On, I'm Still Mutating (a reference to Al's preferred method of song gestation).

As all the band members have full time occupations, the momentum of Onanon is spread across the years and their latest release is an absolute beauty in form and execution. The Sneepy EP has seven songs and includes four videos, as well as alternately beautiful and grotesque artwork (which provides a neat parallel to the music).

With only three proper releases over four years there is a wealth of unreleased gems (paricuarly Dissolve) and with as prolific a songwriter as Glen (don't worry, there's also songwriting talents in the hands of Karen & Don) there is the promise of greater yet to come.

1. Bugged
2. Let's Go
3. Sparkle
4. Sad But True
5. Possibilities
6. Lava
7. Blood

and the videos

Days of Our Lives
Your Days Are Numbered
and Jandals

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Onanon - Sneepy
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Audio Samples


Let's Go


Sad but True