David Kilgour - The Far Now

Disc 1 The Far Now
1. Sun of God
2. BBC World
3. Under Cloud
4. Yenisei
5. Wave of Love
6. On Your Own
7. Im Gonna Get Better LAtely
8. I Cut My Heart out Once
9.We Really Cant Get ALong
10. Too Long From Me
11. Donna and Jeff
12. Out Of The Moment

Disc 2 Orange Feathers
1. Today Is Gonna Be Mine
2. The Perfect Watch
3. All the Rest
4. Sept 98
5. Gold In Sound
6. Rocket
7. A Head Full of Rolling Stones
8. Blue Sky
9. When You Come Back Down
10.Suede Coat

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David Kilgour 
David Kilgour - The Far Now
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