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~John Egenes: Longtime sideman and multi-instrumentalist, with a long list of working with top musicians in the US, describes his musical style as: Americana, country, folk rock. John Egenes is doing some solo work now while continuing his work with kiwi musicians, such as, Anji Sami, Hannah Curwood, and The Tomahawks. Currently living in Port Chalmers, he has recently completed his Masters in music and just finished up his latest CD, "Fretbuzz", to be released in early 2007. Kick back to some finely played and sung tunes ~ you're in the company of experience!..

1. rollin'
2. the cowboy and the lady
3. 'round the bend
4. shame on me
5. lorraine
6. i walk alone
7. sharon
8. final straw
9. together she and i
10. motor machine
11. little pony lullaby
12. prodigal son
13. as far as i can throw her
14. kiwi moon
15. escape velocity

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John Egenes 
John Egenes - fretbuzz
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