Sunley - For Those that Mean the World

Released quietly at the end of 2006, For Those that Mean the World includes songs written over nearly a ten year period. From the EP, "Over the Moon" received positive national attention, while "Song of Envelopes", "Love is Paranoia" and "Versailles" each received radio play.

For Those that Mean the World takes a more traditional approach than Sunley's previous EP broken songs. This time the electronic elements were reigned in, and put to work providing fake backing bands for country-tinged numbers 'Song of Envelopes' and 'Over the Moon,' the latter of which had already received positive reviews and national airplay after its release on the dunedinmusic.compilation 2 compilation. Elsewhere, quirk-pop offsets the bleak mood of tracks like "Versailles" and "Cape Foulwind", while Sunley's trademark "I'm just fucking with it, really" production style adds an interesting edge.

1. Cape Foulwind
2. Versailles
3. Please Don't
4. Over the Moon
5. Guns or Butter
6. Love is Paranoia
7. Song of Envelopes

This EP comes packaged in Sunley's "no frills" super-portable sheath. No more lugging heavy jewel cases around!

Price: $10.00

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Sunley - For Those that Mean the World
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