The Retrophonic Funk Machine - Operating Manual

In November 2006, material for RFM's debut album Operating Manual was recorded at the Albany Street studios in Dunedin. In January and February 2007 the band completed a tour of New Zealand. From March to September, RFM took a break from performing while several of its members were overseas. In the
meantime, the band completed work on Operating Manual, which will be released on December 22nd. With the return of the other members, the band is performing once again and will be touring the country in January 2008 to promote the album.

1. Introduction
2. RFM
4. C.C Strut
5. Free Sample
6. Synth
7. Thomas Street
8. Tautuku Groove
9. Sonic Thrash
10. Sweet Philly Hit
11. Algorithm
12. Golden Moments

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The Retrophonic Funk Machine 
The Retrophonic Funk Machine - Operating Manual
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