The Taliband - Monkey & the Stick

1. Life is a dinner plate
2. Spouty
3. Fivefour
4. Malcolm's Big Gay Song
5. Clear
6. Words
7. Nice Girl
8. The Sun Man
9. Four Nights Straight
10. VX400/NZ86
11. Choose.

On first listen to the Monkey and the Stick you get a warm feeling building in the middle of your loins wanting to get your legs moving with the aid of face-melting lead guitar breaks, flute flurries and baritone bliss.
The album opens up with a Taliband classic, ?Life is a Dinner Plate?. It is this track which lays the foundations for over 60 minutes of ear time enjoyment. By song three you should have your dancing shoes tied up as ?Fivefour? takes head nodding to a whole new level.
Sam and Rolly almost seem to be joined at the hip with drums complimenting the bass on every occasion and vice versa. It must be stated that Eamonn?s saxophone skills are second to none.
The flow of the album is great; through the album there is a smooth progression from one song to the next. As the slower ?Malcom?s Big Gay Song? ends it is complimented by the obvious radio hit ?Clear?, complete with an amazing key solo by C. P. Moore.
The album goes back to its relaxed feeling which proceeds until, what I believe is the dominating track on the album, ?The Sun Man?. This summer song builds with explosive and grinding drum and bass.
After completing the instalment of drum?n?bass the groove of the album returns, then your mind is blown yet again by Eamonn with an insane flute solo.
As I see it there is only one down side of the masterful album. It seems to not go out on a bang, more of a feeling of the sun setting over a musical plane ? until you are greeted by the hidden track. But you will have to pop into a record store, buy it, and find out what it sounds like for yourself.

Reviewed by Tim Couch
Critic October 15, 2007

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