The DFenders - The DFenders

The 80s are alive again with The DFenders! Catchy, hard-rocking 80s rock songs, with a vast array of guitars, synths, tambourines, and, of course, handclaps! The lyrics are sexual, the music is unforgettable, and the band is something else altogether!

Rocking out of Otago, these four guys know what music should be... fast, dirty and fun! It all started with the killer "(I Want To) Do It Tonight", a skillfully crafted pop-rock tune about a guy who just can't believe his luck! From that point, the band's direction was clear - girls... and lots of them! But these aren't your run-of-the-mill sappy love songs... oh, no, you can forget meaningful ballads of everlasting commitment... these guys are all about, um, shall we say more 'tangible' rewards... Check out the second single "I Like The Girls" for a more detailed explanation!

Never mind the Cars... these guys are a suped-up monster truck of rock! So get along to the next DFenders gig (particularly you girls... tight jeans and white tank tops preferred... water optional) and re-experience the hedonism of the 80s!

1. (I Want to) Do It Tonight
2. I Like the Girls
3. She's Never Gonna Be The One
4. Girl Next Door
5. Jamie's Sister
6. Signs
7. Good is Good ( Bad is Better)
8. Gypsytown
9. If You Were Gone
10. (I Don't Want to) Break Your Heart

Price: $20.00

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The DFenders 
The DFenders - The DFenders
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