Jetty - soundtrack for modern heartbreak

Recorded by the highly talented and allround nice guy Richard Baker at Paddy and Franks Wharf St Studio Dunedin over a few days. 'It was a full on time and can remember playing it like a live set with not too many takes. We had a lot of visitors and heaps of fun, it seemed to be an ongoing party' The songs
1.Cross my heart, our little tribute to Di
2.feather song, gifted by Aaron Sharma (who also guest vocals) based on his research of planting feathers to give hope in desperate times.
3.It started with a kiss, like any good pop song there has to be a little bit of romance.
4.Purakanui, Where Marty lives some of my history of Maori wars may be incorrect but the sentiment was there.
5. White Boys on Punk
6.Shiny Radio promo for Radio one
7.Sonic yooth we like that band
8.Spaceman and spaceman 3
9.bows n flows a mix of love gone wrong and taking drugs.
10.Jesus speeds An old Jefferson song about Jamie speeding around Dunedin.
11.Nothing ever works well its true some times
12.Leadsong..This is the lead song this is the last one seemed appropriate.

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Jetty - soundtrack for modern heartbreak
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