Subject2change - Subject2change #1

1. Subject2change#1
2. Subject2change#1
3. Subject2change#1
4. Subject2change#1
5. Subject2change#1
6. Sugar
7. maiden voyage
8. blue in green

Trevor Coleman - keyboards and trumpet
Dr Rob Burns - bass
Paul McLennon-Kissel - drums
Dr Dan Bendrups - trombone
Dave Harrison - guitar
Nick Cornish - saxophone

Subject2change is a jazz fusion ensemble of international standard hailing from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Individually they're impressive and diverse, collectively they're producing some of the finest genre-bending jazz in Aotearoa. Their stunning debut album # 1 reflects this.
Having built a strong fan base from their performances throughout New Zealand, # 1 was driven by subject2change's desire to supply their diverse and growing fan base with commercially available recordings.

As their name suggests subject2change have an ethos of musical experimentation, sustained by the performers' experience across many fields of music making. The debut CD # 1 reflects four years of hard work and experimentation, pushing jazz standards beyond their usual limits and developing new works that stretch the time and sound parameters of jazz as we know it. # 1 was recorded live at a series of concerts late last year, and its October release is timed to coincide with the opening of the 2008 Otago Festival of the Arts.

With a 30-year age range between musicians subject2change has the advantage of wisdom and experience, combined with the enthusiasm and innovation of youth. The members of subject2change are committed to the development of New Zealand music. They are individually active as teachers, clinicians, researchers, writers and composers, and contribute to university music programmes and national production houses like Natural History New Zealand. Two of the group hold PhDs and have contributed to the development of the contemporary music programme at the University of Otago. They are sought after internationally for their contemporary music research. The combined skills and experience reflected in subject2change produce an intellectual and fast-moving style of music that is unique in New Zealand.

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Subject2change - Subject2change #1
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